July 29, 2010

San Antonio Zoo

Sydney enjoyed her first trip to the Zoo! She wanted to see each animal, but wanted to see it and move on to the next. Hallie, Nana (Greg's Mom), and Nanny(My Mom) went with us. We ended our trip with a train ride. The girls loved it (so did we)....eating popcorn and cooling down after a humid summer day. Before we went to the zoo, Sydney told me she wanted to see a giraffe. Then she told me that we couldn't...giraffe too high. I love moments like this. :) She enjoyed seeing the giraffe at the zoo and the elephant. I think the tiger was another big hit. Sydney watched the turtle and the hippo the longest. She has already asked to go back. I told her we would go again in a few months when the weather was cooler. :) Nanny, Nana, and Sydney Looking at the Komodo Dragon Pic with the dragon Mommy and Sydney Huge turtle Sydney's reaction to the turtle Hallie and Sydney Tiger...I believe. Loved the fish Huge Hippos Crocodile... Sydney and Nana strolling along. Sydney and Mommy looking at the elephants. Sydney and Nana looking at the kangaroo!

Kerrville Trip

A day after our beach trip, Sydney and I went to Kerrville to see our cousins. My cousin Kelsie and her two girls Makenna and Maddy were there. Kelsie's parents recently sold their Houston home and retired in Kerrville. We were able to get together last summer as well and we're hoping we can keep up the summer tradition. Kelsie and I saw each other every summer growing up. Sydney and Hank! :) Uncle James, Charlie, Syd, and Maddy Loving the heels! Maddy, Sydney, and Makenna Makenna and Sydney taking a break. Entertainment! Playing Candyland with Aunt Dena

July 19, 2010

Beach Vacation

We had a great time at the beach! We stayed in Port A for a week with Greg's family. Sydney really enjoyed herself and has become really brave with swimming! It is amazing how much more she can do in just one year. We look forward to this family trip every year! :) Aunt Brandy's birthday! Enjoying the icing! She loved the sand! Sydney and Logan Love this pic. Logan is loving the sand too! :) Greg and Sydney We took this exact pic last yr. She has grown so much! All of the girls! Snack time again. :) Sydney and Hallie Pool time with Nana!

July 5, 2010

Camping, swimming, July 4th

Enjoying the pool again! Emi, Sydney, and Adi at the Frio. Very busy with their work. :) The river was beautiful this year. We enjoyed camping together! If it is not pink....forget it! I did get a smile..... Jake and Syd Play-dough with Great Grandma McKay Syd and Jake practicing their swings. :) Logan Bonewald's 1st Birthday! Kayden and Sydney - fireworks at Logan's party Syd, Hallie, and Kayden - Fireworks in Boerne Boerne sky before fireworks...beautiful! Hallie Bonewald Greg and his mom - July 4th