April 22, 2009

Very busy....

Here are a few pictures over the past month. I took Sydney to Landa Park in New Braunfels - what a beautiful place! When I worked in New Braunfels, I enjoyed just walking in the park looking at the ducks and beautiful scenery. I knew she would love it! The squirrels were out that day and were not afraid to come right up to you. I gave one an animal cracker and he took off with it to his nest. Sydney was not afraid of them nor was she afraid of the ducks. Poor ducks! They were so happy to see us leave. We had an easter egg hunt at Greg's parents house with Hallie, Mike, and Brandy. Other pictures include our easter weekend in Shiner. Sydney loved the park! It was such a windy day, but we stayed for about 45 minutes checking everything out. When we came back home from Shiner we had another easter egg hunt, but she was not really into it. The thrill of hunting was over. I have a few pictures of Sydney playing at home on her playscape. I even have a picture of Claude. He was so jealous and probably remembers all of the pictures I took of him before Sydney came along. Up until recently Sydney loved being outside. This past week, all she wants to do is watch Jack's big music show or Blue's Clues. I have to turn off the tv and say "bye bye" to get her to do anything. It is amazing how she goes through these changes. I love watching her learn! Her vocabulary has really taken off! We practice words in the car. She signs and says "more" so we keep practicing! It is so cute. All for now....enjoy the pictures!
Watching Blue's Clues - not ready to hunt eggs
Hi Jake!
Easter 2009
Hugs for Bunny
Not happy about Tig being on Mommy's lap.
Green Dickson Park in Shiner
Very serious egg hunt
Hallie and Sydney
Landa Park
Chasing the poor ducks
Claude wanting to be included
Watching the ducks
More ducks
Can I make it?
Swinging at home
Here I go!

April 7, 2009

Easter Bunny Pictures

There is a cute children's boutique in New Braunfels that offered "live" bunny pictures. I could not pass up this opportunity. I knew she would love the animals. It was so cute to see her reaction if the bunny came too close to her toes. We made it about 30 min - I was very happy. I will add Sydney's April pictures after this Easter weekend.