October 17, 2009

Boerne game

Last night we went to the Boerne game to watch Uncle Mike and Grandpa. Sydney said, "Hallie, ball" for two days so we were all excited the day had come. It was so cute...Sydney and Hallie were both singing it as we walked into the stadium. Here are a few pics! Nana, Sydney, Hallie, Aunt Brandy, and Logan Great work, Hallie!
It would be a "pink" crayon : )
Kaden and Sydney
Hallie and Sydney
Talking to Grandpa after the game.

Shiner Trip....

We went to Shiner the weekend of October 10th to celebrate my Mom and brother's birthday. The Pumpkin Patch was going on in Shiner as well so we have pictures from that. Sydney really enjoyed herself....at the party and the pumpkin patch. She enjoyed fishing for toys, picking out and painting a pumpkin, and just acting silly. Bryce, Jake, and Sydney had several hours of fun! Sydney talked about going to the party for several days so we had to go all out with birthday hats, beaded necklace, etc. Happy Birthday - Mom and Jay!
Getting help from PoPo
She liked the little ones!
Trying really hard....
Sydney and Jake
Eating PoPo's sweets

October 9, 2009

Silly Sydney

Here are a few pics of Sydney being silly! This age is amazing! Right now she is busy telling me how everyone pushes! She will say, "Daddy push, me!" Or, whoever the lucky person is...including Claude our cat. Majority of the time it is made up! Sydney enjoys holding up two fingers and saying "2." I am so proud of her. I tell her that she will be two soon and we'll have a party. She then yells PARTY! She knows exactly what a party is and is all about the cake. She will ask for it! Tomorrow morning we are off to Shiner to celebrate my Mom and brother's b-day. Sydney has been talking about the "party" for the past four days. She even broke down in tears at bedtime the other night. I think she thought we were not going. Anyways, here are a few pics. Let me explain the milk picture. I was telling her to say cheese and did not realize she had a mouth full of milk. Well, she did what her Mama asked! :) By the way, she loves her rain boots.