June 29, 2009

Summer Fun!

We went to Shiner for a few days since Greg was helping to put on the Zack Grafe Golf Tournament Fundraiser in Hallettsville. The Tournament went well and it is hard to believe it has been a year since we last saw everyone. In the meantime, Sydney enjoyed swimming and eating watermelon! She is not afraid of the water and will jump in and even blow bubbles. Just this past month she has really improved on her trampoline jumping skills. She can really jump! Nanny and PoPo (my parents) gave her a mini four wheeler. We will have to work on holding the button down. Right now she bumps it and gets frustrated! It seems like we rotated between playing in the water, jumping on the trampoline, riding their neigh inside, swinging, and eating. :) Sydney is growing up too fast. I can now see a little girl....especially when I look back through these pictures.

June 22, 2009

Busy weekend - Father's Day

We had a very busy weekend which led to a quick weekend. Greg and I attended the Fikac wedding in San Antonio on Saturday. Beautiful wedding! That night we picked Sydney up from Nana's in Spring Branch and drove to Shiner for Father's Day. So, it was a late night, but we enjoyed being in Shiner on Sunday. Here are a few pics of Sydney and her Daddy on Father's Day morning. We were so busy that I didn't get any other pics that day! Helping Daddy Oh, chocolate cake! Fikac wedding

June 13, 2009

The excitement of catching Dorothy!

Thursday morning Sydney and I drove to Shiner to see my parents. My parents needed a Sydney fix and offered to keep her so we could celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend! So, I stayed one night and left Sydney with my parents. Greg and I were very excited about having a weekend to go out to eat and to a movie. The things that excite us once we become parents! We went to Trattoria Lisina Restaurant in Driftwood which is located just outside of Austin. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling through the Hill Country area. The Mandola Winery Estate is located just next door. What a beautiful location! Here is their website for more information http://www.trattorialisina.com/ While I was in Shiner my mom thought it would be a great idea to get Sydney a goldfish. They have a lot of goldfish in their one water tank at the farm. So, we drove out to the farm on Thursday evening to get Dorothy. I thought it would only be right to call the goldfish Dorothy since Sydney is so into Elmo right now. You will see with each picture she gets closer and closer to the bowl. At one point her hand is in the bowl and Papa (binkie) also took a swim. I am a cat and dog person so Dorothy is going into my parents water tank at their house after Sydney returns tomorrow. She will get to visit Dorothy in her big bowl every time we go to Shiner! :) Taking a look at Dorothy!
If I could only touch her!
Hey Dorothy!
Trattoria Lisina
Mandola Winery Estate
Happy 7 Year Anniversary!

June 9, 2009

Bonewald Family Beach Trip

What a great vacation! Last year it rained a lot at the beach and Sydney was sick so this was her first experience on the beach. She was not afraid! Sydney actually enjoyed being out in deeper water and feeling the crash of the waves. Her main concern seemed to be the helicopters and planes that flew over the beach. She kept saying, "bye plane!" At the pool she was busy practicing kicking and even jumped off the edge as I would count 1-2-3! Hallie and Sydney enjoyed being out on the deck and chasing bubbles. The house Greg's mom rented this year had three large decks with great views. We had a wonderful time and we can't wait to go back next year!
Row Row with Nana!
Poker time
Sydney and Daddy
Sydney and Hallie
Cracker dipped in sand
I love shoes!
Looking at the beach
But I want to ride, Daddy!