February 27, 2010

Ace's Party

Last weekend we went to Ace's Birthday party at the Jumpy Place in Kyle. At first Sydney wasn't so sure about the jumpy but soon figured it out and had a blast. When we got home from the party, we played outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Oh, and we also enjoyed the kisses. :)

February 16, 2010

A great Valentine's Day weekend!

Greg and I were off from school on Monday so we had a nice three day weekend! Friday night we went to see Greg and watch the Wimberley Texan basketball game here in town. They had all you can eat hotdogs, but Sydney did not go for any! Strange because she is usually all about food. She would yell, "Go Texas" from the bleachers. Her Dad has trained her well. Saturday we spent some time at home before going out to eat and to a movie for Valentine's in San Antonio. Greg's mom and dad kept Sydney for us....so wonderful! Sunday my parents came up to see us so it was nice seeing them for a few hours. Monday was a day of relaxing...getting groceries and being together at home. Our neighbor, Barbara and her puppy Dreamy, asked Sydney to go for a walk and it made her day! Sydney is getting so good at walking Dreamy. He is so good with her! I love having an extra day at home. I really enjoyed getting some good pics of Sydney around the house. She is so much fun! Greg and I are so blessed. Into Nemo! She loves Mickey Mouse! Her smile... :) She opened a starburst on her own...pure joy! Hi Mommy! Sydney and Nanny So tired from playing dress up!

February 1, 2010

Hair is getting longer....

When I picked Syd up today from Alicia's she had the cutest pigtails! She really could use a haircut, but I am really liking her longer hair. Here are a few pictures. She is right in the middle of watching Mickey Mouse so that is why she has that expression on her face. The flash from my camera was distracting her! :)