August 16, 2009

Party Time!

Happy Birthday, Hudson! Yesterday we went to Hudson Fikac's 1st Birthday party here in Wimberley. Hudson and Sydney go to daycare together. He is a cutie! Sydney also enjoyed playing with Claire, eating fruit and cake, and coloring with chalk. Here are a few pics from the party. Claire, Hudson, and Sydney
Where did puppy go?
"Cheese!" with our mouth full!
Looking at Hudson's book

August 9, 2009

Fun in the heat!

We were in New Braunfels for appointments and thought we should enjoy beautiful Landa Park while we were there. It was early a.m. so it was not too hot. So many families enjoying the park. Sydney felt the need to tell this little boy NO. No is our word for everything lately. The little boy was older than Sydney and responded by telling her YES! We sat back and watched....what entertainment! Yesterday evening Sydney enjoyed playing in the sprinkler. She was so funny....waiting for me to say, "ready...set...GO!" Snacks, sprinkler, and playing doesn't get much better than that! She had a great evening and we enjoyed watching her. Ready to slide
Hi Mama!
Ready for the sprinkler!
Snack time...again!

August 4, 2009

Playing and having fun!

Sydney really enjoys her little kitchen. We wanted something cheap and small for her room. It turned out great! It did take me almost three hours to put together and a lot of patience! However, seeing her cook and feed her animals puts a huge smile on my face. Her new word lately is MINE and she loves to jump! She is getting a little better at smiling for the camera. You will see on some she does not want to smile or look at the camera. However, Greg was leaving for a Board Meeting and she was all about taking a picture with him. This age is incredible. She and I are so different in so many ways and I love it. I can say that she has taught me to be has been good for me. :) Sydney brings a lot of love and color to our lives. Phone call for kitty!

Not smiling, Mommy!
Chubby feet - still! Love them!