May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! My parents and family friends go camping every Memorial Day weekend. This year my birthday fell on the same weekend so it was nice to see everyone during that time. Sydney loved playing with the other little ones. It rained off and on so it seemed that they enjoyed the water puddles more than the swimming pools. Enjoy the pics! Another year!

Helping Mommy blow out the candle.

Thank goodness for Elle! Sleeping so good! Beautiful sunrise! Our morning walk at the lake. Getting a ride from Emi Wegener! Syd, Adi Siegel, and Emi
Eating with Nanny and PoPo
Greg, Syd, and Emi
So happy!
This cookie is delicious!
Here is your ball, Jake!
Jake relaxing in the pool
Like this, Adi!
Bryce, Emi, and Sydney

May 21, 2009

Playing around....

I forgot to add these pics last time. Sydney loves to wear this basketball sweatband on her wrist when she plays. She will raise her arm high in the air and say, "ooh!" Sydney also likes to walk around with at least one of her fuzzy house shoes. The homecare Sydney is in does wonderful crafts. Alicia really brings out their artistic side. She has made a bug catching jar, paper flower, bird in a nest, and the list goes on. You will see the hat she made in the pic below. The glasses were given to Sydney by her Aunt Nikki at Easter. They came with a gardening bag - love it! This weekend we are going to the lake with my parents. I hope to get a lot of great pics to share next week.

May 15, 2009

Summer is here!

We took Sydney to the softball game in Marble Falls a few weeks ago. Marble Falls is beautiful. I told Greg that if I had to pick another "hill country" town to live in that it would be Marble Falls. It has fewer cedar trees than Wimberley, great views, and a river that is large enough for motorcraft. Anyways, we went to the Bluebonnet Cafe before we went to the game. Greg has stopped here for years with players and by himself if he ever had the chance. They have great pies. Sydney ate almost a whole slice of coconut creme pie all by herself. She is her Daddy's girl when it comes to sweets. Sydney loved the game and loved all the rocks, etc that she could find. Sydney loves water! We let her play in the sprinkler before we could get to Wal-Mart for the pool. I thought she needed a pool with a slide. I was right....she loved it! The first few times she went under and I asked her if she was ok. She responded in what sounded like, "I'm ok." It was cute. Here are a lot of pics of her in her swimsuit playing in the water. I could not stop taking pictures. I know we'll have more to post throughout the summer. There is one picture of Sydney waving "bye-bye" to the plane and one picture where she looks very concerned. Syd has been very afraid of planes so to help the situation we say "bye-bye" to the plane. She can hear the plane miles away!
Washing her face...
I hear a plane!
Pretty toes....
Bye-Bye plane!
Silly faces!
Hallie and Sydney