September 29, 2009

Sydney's World

I do not have any pics to post, but thought it is time to let you know what is going on in Sydney's world! Sydney was so busy last week. At daycare they had Show and Tell. The topic was the rainforest so I cut out pics of animals and a waterfall. Greg practiced with her on the drive to daycare and he said she knew every picture. Proud parent! I received pics later that day from Alicia (where she stays) and they were awesome. Syd was standing in front of her class holding her pictures...and I could only imagine how much was coming out of her mouth. Today when I picked her up, she showed me the "bug" they caught. It was a grasshopper in a baby food jar. She would squeal and say "bug" and then carry it around. I can tell she enjoys learning and nature itself. Sydney is at the stage of not liking her carseat. I never thought we'd get there because she has always liked riding. This past Saturday Greg and I spend time (while driving) drawing pictures of Moos and Claude on her Magnadoodle. She also wants me to look at her in the car. Very strange stage, but she yells my name until I look. Once I look, she just stares. Talk about being car sick! One day we just let her yell....not ideal, but some things she needs to learn are not going to go her way. :) Right now she sleeps with all of the following....Elle the elephant, Elmo, Bee pillow, kitty, puppy, two bunnies, star blanket, and large Dora blanket no matter what the temperature is like. Feet are up in the air until I cover her and then she say, "toes!" I then make sure her toes are covered. Every night. Sydney also enjoys feeding Claude his cat treats. Then she will stand and point to her hand and tell you how ME did it! We have a new word - ME! Well, many more stories to share, but I must get to some school work. Hope to post pictures soon.

September 13, 2009

First Haircut!

It was time for Sydney's first haircut. Lots of tangles and very uneven. We were a little afraid that she would either throw a fit or be very scared. She crys when I blow dry my hair so you never know. Well, once she was in the barbie car and Elmo was playing on the tv right in front of her, it was all good. She loved it!!! She actually threw a fit when she had to leave. It was a very good experience for all!

Party and game!

Greg and Nana had their birthday last week. So, last Sunday we celebrated their birthdays in Wimberley. It is a fun time each year because all of the kids get together. Great Grandma Sallye and McKay were able to come. Jake, Bryce, Hallie, baby Logan, and Claire Valentine enjoyed playing. Here are a few pics of our day. Oh, last few pics are of Syd ready to watch UT game.
Everybody playing...
What a honey!
Happy Birthday!
Nana, Syd, & Nanny
Everyone wants a push!
So tired.....both of them!
Game time!
Claire Valentine
Loves Claire's guitar!

September 4, 2009

Enjoying treats!

I can't stop anywhere to get a drink or eat without you know who wanting to have it herself. I was craving a hot fudge sundae so we went to DQ. Since I was driving...Sydney cried most of the way home because she wanted it right then. Oh the patience of a soon to be 22 month old. :) Well, when we got home she fully enjoyed herself in the driveway. The other pics are random from around the house. I hope to get more pics over the weekends since I started my new job - Kindergarten teacher. I've been very busy with the start of school so I hope I can catch up on my picture taking very soon. Enjoy your weekend! Ummm... Pointing to our neighbors...
Like my chocolate mask on my knee?? :)
Just woke up!
Helping Daddy push